Part of the Onestop Group of companies, Onestop Safety Solutions provide bespoke fall protection solutions, and design, manufacture and install bespoke work at height safety solutions to the construction industry in the UK.

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of a full range of fall protection, fall prevention and temporary safety systems that conform fully to current legislation governing work at height. We also offer a comprehensive technical advisory service including the development of risk assessments, design proposals and method statements.

Whatever the project, we can manufacture and install a completely bespoke safety solution to suit your needs. Our in-house manufacturing capability means we can develop a range of safe and effective solutions such as ladders, barriers and walkway systems.

As well as installing our own systems, we can install market leading safety solutions. We are Approved Installers of Latchways Systems and have extensive experience in installing MSA Latchways Constant Force Posts and LadderLatch Systems, WalkSafe Roof Walkways and Fall-Proof Covers and VersiRail Safety Guardrail Systems.

A proud member of FASET, all of our Safety Net and Roof Edge Protection Riggers are CSCS FASET trained and employed directly by Onestop. This commitment gives our customers the peace-of-mind that the proper procedures are followed to the current standard – from order to installation.

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